The business was purchased in 1997 from Til and Loren Neuenschwander. Til had been making ice cream with a hit-and-miss motor since 1963 in Kidron. The recipe and the route had been established, although, since ownership, we have enriched it. Before this I had been a logger in Wisconsin as well as a farmer in Wisconsin and then for a short time in Ohio.

We started with a trailer and a 1 & 1/2 horsepower (HP) John Deere (JD) engine powering two white mountain 5 gallon freezers. In 2003 we acquired a new Haulmark concession trailer. Roy Steiner built a trailer with a 3 HP JD hit-and-miss motor powering two 5 gallon freezers.

The first flavors of ice cream were just vanilla and chocolate. We added butter pecan and then added reeses to the vanilla which became rather popular. We tried many flavors, but added coconut cream after Joe Tait gave us a plug right before half time of a Cavs game back in Nov. of 2001 (Thank you Joe!). Some people drove down from Cleveland just to get the coconut cream ice cream. Other flavors and some “mistakes” did happen. One mistake at the Alive Festival was an ice cream we called “butter cup”. Other flavors we have made include maple nut, black cherry, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, Mt. Dew sherbet, orange sherbet, lemon, licorice, strawberry cheesecake, oreo bash, spotted cow, coconut almond chocolate chip, bannana, peanut butter, and for diabetics we make agave vanilla. (Agave has a low glycemic index). Our seasonal flavors are: pumpkin pecan, nasturtium pistachio, black walnut, blackberry, peach, dandelion, and for our beet festival the “unbeetable” ice cream.

Our intent is to make the best true “homemade” ice cream, made on the spot or close by and to “bring back memories” of your homemade ice cream endeavors.

Keith & Bev Schloneger, Owners